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Building block system for flexible use of injection brines and seasonings

Cooked ham, cured meat, pork, poultry and beef products are traditional meat classics. Due to their low fat content, cooked ham products also meet the dietary demands of increasingly health-conscious consumers. Nowadays, more and more attention is being paid to both quality and ingredients when meat and sausages are served. With its latest generation of injection brines for trade and industry, RAPS has committed itself to the further development of concepts that are as clean, sustainable and functionally convincing as possible. In addition to products for organic cooked ham, a specific VLOG-approved injection brine has also been developed for the industry (VLOG = certified GMO-free according to the German VLOG “ohne Gentechnik” production and certification standard).

The graduated clean combi products from RAPS allow a wide range of different solutions. With this building block system finely balanced brines and seasonings can be flexibly combined depending on the application and flavour preference.

The compositions of both RA-LAK injection brines and LAK-TOP seasonings enable the production of exciting cooked ham products, e.g. with barbecue, butter, coffee, Mediterranean, asparagus, umami, juniper or cured meat flavours.

The powder form LAK-TOP seasonings are added directly to the brine. Thanks to the separate dosage of injection brines and seasonings, the intensity of flavour can be individually adjusted. By using the residual brines, particularly economical small-scale production of ham specialties is also possible.

Finally, decorative seasonings provide the perfect appearance and mouthwatering flavour sensations. In addition to various classics with local or Mediterranean herbs, flavourings such as Bacon, Rodeo, Colorado, Marengo or Samba not only add a splash of colour but also an exotic flavour, while lemon or orange pepper as well as freeze-dried asparagus add extra finesse.

Besides a well-rounded flavour and an appetizing visual appearance, the focus is always on the perfect degree of succulence. The control of pH is therefore of primary importance, as it is essential for water binding, slice consistency, optimum curing and, above all, the shelf life of cooked ham products. In the development of its new liquid and powder form injection brines, the company has paid particular attention to optimum functionality. Its experts offer detailed advice on all aspects of cooked ham products, dealing with topics such as meat selection, cutting, yield, slice consistency, brine and injection, as well as injection rates, tumbling and moulding, cooking and cooling. Starting in autumn 2019, seminars covering the topics of “tender and succulent” and the preparation of cooked ham specialities will be held.

RAPS GmbH & Co. KG

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