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Resealable thermoformed packs

With an innovative new packaging concept from Südpack, food manufacturers can easily create attractive and convenient packaging. Multiclose makes it possible to produce practical, resealable packs – and to do so using standard thermoforming systems. Multiclose not only simplifies the packaging process, it also offers a wide range of design options. Consumers appreciate its ease of use: the sealing strips make opening and closing the packaging very easy – with the added advantage of optimal aroma and freshness protection. Multiclose, the most recent addition to the company’s range of resealable systems, is an innovative packaging concept for thermoformed resealable packs that will make life easier not only for consumers, but also for food manufacturers. The resealable packs can be processed using all standard thermoforming machines – they just need to be adjusted slightly for the new packaging concept. On the thermoforming machine, the Multiclose strips are simply and easily sealed between the top and bottom web using the warmth from preheating the machine. The packaging solution is more affordable than other resealable alternatives like touch fasteners and uses less material than resealable hard-foil packaging, making it a more sustainable option. To ensure optimal packaging, Multiclose uses upper and base films that are perfectly matched to each other as well as to the product, and which offer the best possible barrier properties, such as EVOH high barriers. For manufacturers of particularly delicate or medical products, there is also the option of an additional tamper-evident seal. Thanks to its wide tear-open tab and easy-open sealing seams, Multiclose offers simple opening and resealing. To close securely, the resealing strip doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned with a particular part of the packaging, while the bag’s wide opening allows trays, for example for sausage products or cheese, to be easily removed and reinserted. In addition, the seal offers reliable aroma protection. Multiclose packaging attracts attention, starting at the point-of-sale: the printable top and bottom webs as well as the tray and labels offer plenty of space for brand communication. A multitude of printing options make a range of creative designs possible, while high-gloss or matt finishes offer special haptic qualities.

Südpack Europe AG

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